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Name: Christina
Age: 17 (18 on the 7th)

Top 5 artists/bands;

[x] Jamisonparker

[x] Death Cab for cutie

[x] Something Corporate  

[x] Daphne Loves Derby</st1:place></st1:city>

[x] Postal Service

Top 5 movies;

[x]Donnie Darko,
[x]American Beauty

[x]Better than Chocolate

[x]requiem for a dream

[x] Monster


Top 5 books;
[x] Lost in Yonkers <3 my drama class

[x] 12 Angry Men  have I mentioned I <3 my drama class

[x] Every Nine Seconds (queer as folk)

[x] In the Time Of the Butterflies

[x] Cut

The most "emo" song on your play list: so many… New Years Project by further seems forever

The least "emo" song on your play list :  Megadeath- Sweating Bullets (though I think learning that song as a little kid is what made me emo)

Do you wear emo glasses or clothes?: Yes i have emo glasses and I love them and clothes wise I just wear band shirts and jeans not sure if that’s “emo”

Why do you feel that you are part of the emo subculture?: Because I’m a very passionate person for good and for bad. Also when I started college this year I met some of the best friends I have now they walked by me and said “Aww look at the lonely emo kid lets be her friend.”  

Do you know what emo means? Or do you just like how it sounds? ( props for honesty on this question): emo to be is about being very passionate about something be it music or anything else and not being afraid to show it.

The top reason you cry: If I’m feeling alone which happens quite often

Tell us about yourself ( this is a test- who knows what we mean by this question?? ) : Hmm well I’m gay and proud, I have black hair and brown eyes music and film making are my passions in life also I’m famous for having some of the best band shirts sadly its all I wear.

Post any pictures if you can/want. This isn't voted on Im sorry if they dont work or if my heads to big lol

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