Fantastic (is_that_piddle) wrote in serious_emo,

whew! i never read the comments on that band list that chaff411 posted. lj drama and i didnt even know about it.

anyhow. a lot of that was enlightening. i would post a band list myself- but wooooah. i am so afraid of what bands like hanson would create in the comments.

and just for the record- the info kinda makes a little fun of the kid who buys a recent dashboard cd and thinks they're emo. as stupid as that might seem. i was slightly amused.

well the dcfc concert is in 2 days, and im doing my best to be "scene" just for the heck of it. i like how it looks- its just not me. but for one night i thought i would try it. heh.

anybody see High Fidelity? what a good movie. its raining and cold out, and i think im going to go watch it.

i just wanted to post.

♥ as always is_that_piddle
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