Fantastic (is_that_piddle) wrote in serious_emo,

so lately i have been feeling kind of un-easy with my music. i go and buy a new cd and it just doesnt feel right. i want something comfortable, something new, but something that feels like i should know all the words and be able to sing along. sometimes- you know that feeling where you buy a cd, and you have such high expectations for it (to be good or bad) and its kind of like an edgy first relationship with the cd. like the first time you listen to it all the way through, you feel a little uneasy. not in a bad way necessarily, but... like i have bought cd's over the past few monthes that i have not listened to all the way through, because they just dont feel right. and lately, i dont know what i want to listen to anyway. i want so badly to just relax and listen to some good music, but then i go through my cd's and i realize there is absolutely nothing that interests me. so i turn something on and it feels so suffocating. like- i dont know if this is making any sense or not. but- smothering. and all the stuff that i used to love feels like this now. the thought of getting out an old ataris cd makes me cry, the thought of listening to blue album or pinkerton from weezer one more time makes me sick, and in general right now i feel like if i lost all my cd's that would be okay.
hopefully in about 2 monthes this will be over and i will be back in love with my cd collection, but right now i am feeling bored. does this make sense?

so i guess the whole point of this entry was to say that i have finally got From A Basement on A Hill. And it was comfortable. and i wasnt bored. and i didnt want to search through the disk to find something i could relate to. there was no uneasiness. it was like coming home and putting on a pair of sweatpants and drinking chai tea in front of a fire. with warm fuzzy socks. if you are in anyway an Elliott Smith fan, go and buy that cd right now.

now that i sound i have made an idiot out of myself - - - - is_that_piddle
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