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So you think you're emo? [entries|friends|calendar]
Emo, the way it should be

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[14 Apr 2006|05:12pm]


Top 5 artists/bands;the used, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, hellogoodbye, greely estates
Top 5 movies;NMBC, corpse bride, anchorman, the notebook, saw2
Top 5 books;

The most "emo" song on your playlist:on my own by the used hah
The least "emo" song on your playlist:mmbop by hanson lol

Do you wear emo glasses or clothes?:i have horn-rim glasses but i dont wear them often &i wear lots of band shirts &ilovemytheusedshirt =]

Why do you feel that you are part of the emo subculture?:cuz i said so =[

Do you know what emo means? Or do you just like how it sounds? ( props for honesty on this question):it means emotional hah

The top reason you cry:my low self esteem/telling myself ill never have dustin ='[

Tell us about yourself ( this is a test- who knows what we mean by this question?? ) :
-im 14.
-i have black hair &hotpink roots.
-im in a band called THE PROMISE FIELD
-&i do the backup vocals/guitar/screaming. 
-yes it is a screamo band.
-my fav-o-rite band is the used.
- i wear my chucks all the time hah [butiworemyvanstoday.]

Post any pictures if you can/want. This isn't voted on. 


[20 Jun 2005|12:04pm]


this is sad. ♥

well for an update.

i recently went to go see this awesome band the redwalls at the shelter in detroit. that was a concert experience let me tell you. for anyone who has ever been near the great city of detroit- its difficult to get around. i was black mailed by a black male. not that it makes any difference to me what race he was, but woah.

anyhow. if you havent heard of them- listen! because they are amazing. and their cd De Nova is coming out on Capitol June 24th. and i am a big advocate of buying this. and their website is pretty hott also - so here's a link. http://www.theredwalls.com/ go there and enjoy.

furthermore - soulseek is my new best friend. seriously i love that thing. the end- update or something fun ♥

....It's not a lie if you believe it [05 May 2005|01:25pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

can some one tell me who the hell to get an icon thing


[05 May 2005|12:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]


Top 5 artists/bands; Underoath: Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: Receiving End of Sirens: Taking Back Sunday: Aspen It Is
Top 5 movies; Rules of Attraction: American Psyco: Donnie Darko: The Secretary: The Virgin Suicides
Top 5 books; The Bell Jar: Catcher in the Rye: Bright Lights, Big City: The Great Gatsby: As I Lay Dying

The most "emo" song on your playlist: The Juliana Theory - If I Told You This Was Killing Me Would You Stop?
The least "emo" song on your playlist: Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

Do you wear emo glasses or clothes?: Yes

Why do you feel that you are part of the emo subculture?: My music, clothes, and overall outlook on life.

Do you know what emo means? Or do you just like how it sounds? ( props for honesty on this question): i know what it stands for, but as for any deep meaning I suppose I dont know.

The top reason you cry: Myself

Tell us about yourself ( this is a test- who knows what we mean by this question?? ) : I'm not sure what this is testing, which is probably a good sign I'll fail it. I live with my mom, and my dads a drug addict ass hole. I worship underground shows, hate moshing, am a former Chris Carrabba fanatic, and currently hate him. hate fake music, fake people, and fake lives. Want a boyfriend, but can't get one. Need a boyfriend but dont have one, and despise happy people with perfect lives.

Post any pictures if you can/want. This isn't voted on.


[24 Mar 2005|11:00pm]

Join community so and so because blah blah blah.

<3 [19 Mar 2005|03:53pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I bring pictures to apologize for my abscence...

sorry I've been gone so longCollapse )


[20 Jan 2005|08:49pm]

so i posted.

just forget me- its that easy...

in my lj.
and i got the best thing anyone has ever said to me in return.
jeff said simply :


whether he meant it how i took it or not, i love it.

TA-DA!!! [06 Jan 2005|09:24pm]

Thanks to the lovely xvegexindiex we will soon be having background music for this community!! *applause*

so what i need from you is...
ha, a comment saying you are alive if you havent been around in awhile.
and song suggestions!

Thanks bunches! is_that_piddle
6 Are You Emo?

Hey there... [05 Jan 2005|08:33pm]

[ mood | loved ]

I was wondering if ya'll would like a background song? I can do it, even for a free account.

Any request? I can get alot of songs, but not all haha, sorry.
I can give the codes to Le Creator, and she can put it on.

And I would make promo banners, but i don't have paintshop anymore.
But I'll try to see if i can get any for you guys.

Much ♥ from the random person!!

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[03 Jan 2005|10:19pm]

i got keane tickets! i got keane tickets!

oh. and i also got a lot of burned cd's including,

beulah- when your heartstrings break
the coast is never clear
handsome western states

the stars- heart

the weakerthans- left & leaving

the unicorns- who will cut our hair when we're gone

oh i love the holidays
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[28 Dec 2004|09:03pm]

Right. Okay. As mod i say, PLEASE CHECK THE FUCKING RULES.

this is not
1. a rating community
2. a place to be mean to people because they dont like what you like.
3. a community to take your sad little lifes problems out on people.

Just because someone isnt the next miss america doesnt mean they arent beautiful. or worth your time.

so if you feel you are just too wonderful for this community just leave. the next time i see an entry that has comments like that you are banned.

My deepest apologies to those who were effected.
We're not all like that here.

5 Are You Emo?

application like woah. [28 Dec 2004|12:16pm]

[ mood | mmm. ]

i don't want to feel anything anymoreCollapse )

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application [04 Dec 2004|03:41am]


I swear id rip my heart out if you said you'd be impressed, please be impressedCollapse )

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wow, my finger hurts. [27 Nov 2004|06:18pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

It's so nice to be famousCollapse )

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I know it's kind of belated [11 Nov 2004|07:44pm]

But I know how you said that it would be cool if you had a different layout...
Well I made one for this, but if you don't like it, you can tell me if there is anything you'd like me to change ♥



Tell me what you think ♥
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Promotion... [31 Oct 2004|10:21pm]

HEY all you cool kids.. CLICK HERE!Collapse )


join!!!!!! [30 Oct 2004|02:29pm]


[23 Oct 2004|12:26am]

so lately i have been feeling kind of un-easy with my music. i go and buy a new cd and it just doesnt feel right. i want something comfortable, something new, but something that feels like i should know all the words and be able to sing along. sometimes- you know that feeling where you buy a cd, and you have such high expectations for it (to be good or bad) and its kind of like an edgy first relationship with the cd. like the first time you listen to it all the way through, you feel a little uneasy. not in a bad way necessarily, but... like i have bought cd's over the past few monthes that i have not listened to all the way through, because they just dont feel right. and lately, i dont know what i want to listen to anyway. i want so badly to just relax and listen to some good music, but then i go through my cd's and i realize there is absolutely nothing that interests me. so i turn something on and it feels so suffocating. like- i dont know if this is making any sense or not. but- smothering. and all the stuff that i used to love feels like this now. the thought of getting out an old ataris cd makes me cry, the thought of listening to blue album or pinkerton from weezer one more time makes me sick, and in general right now i feel like if i lost all my cd's that would be okay.
hopefully in about 2 monthes this will be over and i will be back in love with my cd collection, but right now i am feeling bored. does this make sense?

so i guess the whole point of this entry was to say that i have finally got From A Basement on A Hill. And it was comfortable. and i wasnt bored. and i didnt want to search through the disk to find something i could relate to. there was no uneasiness. it was like coming home and putting on a pair of sweatpants and drinking chai tea in front of a fire. with warm fuzzy socks. if you are in anyway an Elliott Smith fan, go and buy that cd right now.

now that i sound i have made an idiot out of myself - - - - is_that_piddle
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[15 Oct 2004|05:18pm]

whew! i never read the comments on that band list that chaff411 posted. lj drama and i didnt even know about it.

anyhow. a lot of that was enlightening. i would post a band list myself- but wooooah. i am so afraid of what bands like hanson would create in the comments.

and just for the record- the info kinda makes a little fun of the kid who buys a recent dashboard cd and thinks they're emo. as stupid as that might seem. i was slightly amused.

well the dcfc concert is in 2 days, and im doing my best to be "scene" just for the heck of it. i like how it looks- its just not me. but for one night i thought i would try it. heh.

anybody see High Fidelity? what a good movie. its raining and cold out, and i think im going to go watch it.

i just wanted to post.

♥ as always is_that_piddle
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"her dyeing memory" [14 Oct 2004|09:43pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

i wrote a new song...feedback is always good
Read more...Collapse )

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