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wow, my finger hurts.

Name: Heather
Age: 17

Top 5 artists/bands;
[1] Enon
[2] The Postal Sevice
[3] Death Cab For Cutie
[4] Miss Kittin
[5] Interpol

Top 5 movies;
[1] Boondock Saints!!!!
[2] Fight Club
[3] American Beauty
[4] Scarface
[5] Elephant

Top 5 books;
[1] Gingerbread
[2] Go Ask Alice
[3] Smack
[4] Death Of A Salesman
[5] Dancing Naked in the Mind Field

The most "emo" song on your playlist: 'Tiny Vessels' by Death Cab For Cutie, for sure.
The least "emo" song on your playlist: 'Fuck The Pain Away' by Peaches. At that, any of my songs by Peaches haha!!

Do you wear emo glasses or clothes?: No, not really. I usually wear whatever I have, really. Most people look at me, and think I'm gothic... but those people scare me haha.

Why do you feel that you are part of the emo subculture?: It always seem like emo kids have this rough exterior, but are soft and sweet inside, which describes me.

Do you know what emo means? Or do you just like how it sounds? ( props for honesty on this question): I didn't know what it meant until last summer, but it stands for emotional ♥

The top reason you cry:
Someone made me mad
Someone dies
I'm alone
I can't go clubbin' [love it]

Tell us about yourself: Well, I'm really crazy, and I love to club and party. I'm kind of chubby, but I have fun doing whatever I want <3!!!

Post any pictures if you can/want. This isn't voted on.

GOOFY HAIR!! [while I was sick]


MY BEST FRIEND [who happens to be part of this community ( xvegexindiex ) ]

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