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application like woah.

Age: 17

Top 5 artists/bands; Radiohead, Cursive, Onelinedrawing, Bright Eyes, Coheed&Cambria [okay, so narrowing this down to five is way hard. i have ten thousand million more..tbs, thursday, the smiths, my chemical romance..you get the idea]

Top 5 movies; Ghost World, Pretty in Pink, Reqiuem for a dream, Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction

Top 5 books; Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, [but any of his books, really], Slaughter-house five by Kurt Vonnegut [any of his books as well] How soon is never? by Marc Spitz, perks of being a wallflower, nothing feels good: punk rock, teenagers, and emo, death of a salesman by Arthur Miller. [okay, so i could go on with this list forever too]

The most "emo" song on your playlist: Either padriac my prince by Bright Eyes or The Longest Story by Daphne loves Derby.
The least "emo" song on your playlist: The Richard Cheese cover of Radiohead's Creep. Lounge music style. It's quite kick ass.

Do you wear emo glasses or clothes?: Both. Well, i mean, while i hate to label things, it's unavoidable. So i'll say it: i dress emo. There. I mean, i dress mostly in what is considered emo. rolled up jeans. emo glasses [i actually need them to see], band shirts sometimes, other times sweaters and blazers. jean jackets. you get the idea.

Why do you feel that you are part of the emo subculture?: Good question. For me, feeling a part of this subculture is not just people refering to me as "that emo kid" [although they do], and its not just dressing a certain way. It's going to the shows and feeling a sense of unity with people. It's connecting with bands you love, it's knowing that you are part of a subculture that is slowly becoming more than an underground force.

Do you know what emo means? Or do you just like how it sounds? ( props for honesty on this question): I know what emo means to me. I know the history. But i think that emo means different things to different people, just like any other subculture. Just like punk or hardcore means different things to differnet people. For me, emo is more than rolled up jeans and emotional lyrics. It's almost a state of mind.

The top reason you cry: The ever present fact that no matter what i do, i always end up alone and rejected.

Tell us about yourself ( this is a test- who knows what we mean by this question?? ) : Me? Okay. My name is kayleigh. i'm 17. i can't wait to leave my hometown of Liverpool, NY. I want to me a music journalist. sometimes i have dance parties all by myself. i like making popcorn only halfway and chewing on the leftover seeds. I like pearls, but always end up breaking them. i prefer staying home and reading a good book to going out. i like going to shows, but i hate crowd surfers. I have a million pairs of shoes, but really only wear three. I'm addicted to buying flats. I love my ipod. I'm the editor in chief of my high school newspaper. sometimes, i wonder if everything is going to work out.

Post any pictures if you can/want. This isn't voted on.

wow, I'm so incredibly dorky.

i'm too cool to look at the camera.

all the cool kids wear yellow sweaters.

k, well, thats me. ♥
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